Make sparks fly with Weldtex and cut your costs at the same time

Carbon fibre spark testing tape for dual laminate FRP tanks and pipes – 

Weldtex from CHM Composites is the market leading carbon fibre spark testing tape for thermoplastic  joints in dual laminate FRP tanks and pipes. We have recently introduced a version at only 25mm wide along side our standard tapes at 33mm wide. The advantage for  a customer  is a potential price of only £0.15/meter (depending on volume)

Weldtex tape at 25mm width

Based on carbon fibre non woven tissue or veil, the conductive spark testing tape is placed behind the weld line in the thermoplastic liner and remains in situ for the life of the vessel. The conductive tape allows non destructive “spark testing” of the weld line to establish the integrity of the weld during the whole life of the FRP tank, pipe or vessel.

For further details of the features and benefits of non woven carbon fibre spark testing tape for FRP tanks and pipes, please click here and feel free to contact us at CHM Composites for a price quote and small sample.

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