CHM Composites business development relationship with Norafin Industries


CHM Composites are pleased to announce a formal business development relationship with Norafin Industries GmbH, Mildenau, Germany aimed at promoting the composites activities of Norafin Industries.

Norafin Industries are a technical non–woven manufacturer with spunlace (water jet entanglement) and needlepunch capability. Specialising in highly technical applications, Norafin Industries supplies a wide range of innovative products into a number of industries including:-

  • composites
  • fire protective clothing for fire-fighting services and motorsport racewear
  • stab and slash resistant body wear
  • filtration materials
  • medical applications
  • acoustic and sound absorbing materials etc.

The company’s product solutions encompass the following options:-

  • Multi-layering capabilities for gradient functionalities
  • Calandered, patterned or scrim-supported materials
  • Various in-house aftertreatment options such as hydro and oleophobic features as well as hydrophilic or stiffening properties, and many more

Non –woven products for applications in composites include:-

  • aramid for impact and wear resistance
  • polyester for high quality surface, enhanced resistance to corrosion and UV exposure
  • basalt, pre-ox and phenolic fibres for fire protection
  • conductive blends for surface static dissipation, EMI shielding and heating applications, etc.

Norafin Industries have also recently introduced a range of bio-derived non-wovens based on flax fibres, giving a combination of biodegradable eco-friendly credentials, good vibration and UV absorption properties and a pleasing, natural aesthetic finish.

For more information about Norafin Industries GmbH, please visit the Composites page at

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