Norafin introduce a range of synthetic veils for filament winding

Logo_NorafinNorafin Industries (Germany) GmbH and CHM Composites have introduced a standard range of polyester based synthetic surfacing veils targeted at the filament winding process. For more information about the application of surfacing veils in the filament winding process please click here.

Targeted primarily at the manufacture of composite pipes and tanks the range includes:-

40 g/m² synthetic surfacing veil

40 g/m² synthetic surfacing veil

  • standard white polyester for even coverage when used in the inner liner
  • fine apertured white polyester for high wet out rates
  • binder containing grade for high tension overwriting of the exterior surface

For an overview and data sheet for the product range please click here.

Available slit to specific width and length or in full width rolls for customer slitting.

For more information samples or a quotation for supply please contact CHMComposites or visit

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