3D Structural Composites

3DS is the structural composites division of M. Wright & Sons, a technical narrow fabric weaver based in Quorn, Leicestershire. CHM Composites works closely with the composites team at M. Wright and Sons to develop composite reinforcements with 2D and complex 3D fibre architecture.

Products range from standard 2D narrow tapes in glass and carbon to continuous 2½D I, T, π sections and mould ready preforms with complex 3D fibre architecture.

Download “3DS” brochure for more information. 3DS Leaflet A4

“Scaffold Weave” UD tapes are high weight, multi layered, minimum crimp tape reinforcements with an inbuilt resistance to delamination of the final composite part. Employing the principles of dead weaving produces a stable structure with a high density of low crimp UD reinforcing fibres.

Download “Scaffold Weave” leaflet for full information. 3DS Leaflet Scaffold A4

“Monoblock” is a high volume fraction multi layer woven carbon fibre preform with a high proportion of low crimp 0/90 fibres, with near vertical orthogonal binder fibres. Available as a dry preform, monoblock is designed for customer infusion and machining of small parts.

Download Monoblock leaflet for more information. 3DS Poster Monoblock 800x1200mm