A corrosion resistant layer is an essential component of fibre reinforced plastic pipes and tanks used in the water transportation and sewage treatment industries, the chemical and petrochemical industries, for flue gas desulphurisation and for scrubbing systems for incinerator plants.

The corrosion layer generally comprises of an inner liner of corrosion resistant resin backed up by a corrosion barrier of resin reinforced with chopped strand mat. The thickness of the inner liner is closely controlled to between 0.3 and 0.5mm by incorporating a low fibre volume fraction surfacing veil, usually of C glass.

For some specialised applications the C glass veil should be replaced by carbon veil. Carbon fibre veils are used to give:-

  • ultimate corrosion resistance in the most aggressively corrosive environments, such as hot acidic conditions
  • surface conductivity for dissipation of static charges and reduced risk of explosion

Chemitex is a series of PAN based carbon fibre veils designed specifically for the chemical and petrochemical industries. Available in base weights of 17 and 34g/m2 and with either styrene soluble or styrene insoluble binders, Chemitex is supplied in either full width (900mm) for hand lay-up or in coils pre slit to 100mm for winding applications.

The Chemitex product range includes the following:

Chemitex 20 17g/m2 soluble binder
Chemitex 30 34g/m2 soluble binder
Chemitex 35 17g/m2 insoluble binder
Chemitex 42 34g/m2 insoluble binder

Download Chemitex PDF data sheet Chemitex Data Sheet