Non Woven Applications

Tank and Pipe Manufacture

Our materials are used in this industry for enhanced corrosion resistance and surface static dissipation and thermoplastic weld testing. With binders developed to be either soluble or insoluble in the main resin systems, our materials are suitable for either hand lay-up or winding processes and are designed to conform to the most complex bends corners and contours. Correct binder selection also enhances fast wet out and rapid de-airing.

In addition, binder free polyester veils such as Syntex SLA45, are used are used as internal and external wraps on composite pipes and tanks to enhance internal corrosion resistance and external environmental protection.

Weldtex is a conductive carbon fibre tape designed for “spark testing” of thermoplastic welds in dual laminate tanks and pipes.

A corrosion resistant or electrostatically dissipation layer is often an essential component of fibre reinforced plastic pipes and tanks. The Chemitex range is a series of carbon fibre veils designed specifically for the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Industrial Applications

Carbon fibre, aramid, PBO and polyester veils and mats, conductive veils and mats and veils and mats from blended fibres are used in a wide range of industrial applications. These include pultruded handrails, walkways, cable trays, cable ladders etc., resin transfer moulded manhole and trench covers (both insulating and static dissipative), EMI shielding applications, composite roll surfaces, honeycomb facing papers, circuit board reinforcement, fuel cell components and thin film adhesive substrates.

Conductive Product Applications

Our conductive veils and mats use the electrically conductive nature of carbon, metal coated carbon and metallic fibres to achieve a range of levels of surface and bulk conductivity in composite components.

Our products range from blends for surface static dissipation, through EMI/RFI shielding to finely tuned radar signature management.

Blends of carbon with non conductive fibres achieve optimum properties of conductivity and cost. Highly conductive nickel coated carbon imparts high levels of attenuation of electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. AS9000 approved materials are tailored to customer specifications for radar signature management and low observable applications. Metal and metal coated carbon fibres are used for bulk conductivity and heat dissipation in lightning strike protection. Conductive veils are also used for heating elements and de icing applications.

Sports Goods Applications

Carbon fibre veils and mats, aramid and PBO veils and mats, and veils and mats from blended fibres can be used in a range of sports goods applications. Fly rods, kayaks, skis, bicycles and boats are just some of the sports equipment using advanced fibre nonwovens to improve aesthetics, impact and wear resistance, interlaminar shear strength etc in a variety of sporting applications.