Milled and recycled fibres

CHM Composites supplies milled carbon fibres and milled, pulped and staple aramid fibres. As the source fibres are recycled and unused, performance is equal to virgin milled fibres but at a significantly lower cost.

Applications for milled carbon include:-

  • reinforcing of thermoplastic and thermoset resins,
  • imparting conductivity and antistatic properties to thermoplastics and thermoset resins
  • manufacture of carbon fibre mini spheres for sub-sea buoyancy modules
  • manufacture of flat sheet gasket materials
  • manufacture of antistatic bench tops and floor coverings

Applications for milled, pulped staple aramid include:-

  • asbestos replacement in friction linings
  • asbestos free flat sheet gasket materials
  • composites with high dielectric strength
  • yarn spinning and manufacture of non wovens

Milled carbon

Milled carbon is available in 2 forms:-

  • Dry flocked carbon fibre powder, mean fibre length of 220μm
  • Free flow low size content carbon fibre powder, mean fibre length of 150μm

Click here to download data sheet           Milled carbon TDS

Pulped para aramid


Recycled aramid is available in 3 forms:-

  • Milled free flow powder with a mean fibre length of 200μm
  • Pulped (dry processed, fibrillated) short fibre, length range 1-6mm approx.
  • Staple fibre length range 40 – 60mm

Click here to download data sheets    Milled aramid TDS Pulped aramid TDS

Turn your waste into cash and reduce landfill






CHM Composites can arrange the purchase and collection of excess and waste carbon and para aramid fibres for recycling. Spool ends, fabric offcuts, excess and out of spec materials can all be recycled, please contact us for more information.